about -

holowon industries was started in 2001
and is controlled from the secret lab in rochester, ny.

we design and produce 100% original effects units!
- no clones or copies -
only original sound and performance that is second to none.

we strive to create original gear that we enjoy using ourselves.
equipment we can be proud to say we made, and most importantly,
that will inspire you to push your creativity to the next level.


contact -

shipping address:  

holowon ind. inc.
604 sawyer st.
rochester, ny 14619




warranty -

we will repair or replace (at our discretion)
any holowon industries equipment not functioning at
100% peak performance.

aside from the cost of shipping the damaged
unit to us, there is no charge for repair IF:
- the defect is the fault of the manufacturer.
- the damage was not intentionally inflicted by you, your pets, your friends or enemies.
- the problems are the result of what a court would consider "normal use" of the unit.

units damaged by neglect, misuse, or unauthorized alteration are
charged a flat $10 return shipping fee, and after completing
a free diagnosis we will contact you with a total repair cost before beginning any work.
payment is due in full before unit is returned to you.
please email us at info@holowon.com with any questions.






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