(velcro hyper fuzz)

$175  (ships free)    

incredibly versatile super fuzz that
sends the competition to the unemployment line!

jam packed with robot monster growls, blasting fizz, muffled sludge,
subtle crunch, up/down octave modulations, metal heavy mid scoops,
and more sound textures and lo-fi mangling than you can possibly imagine!

volume: output signal level
control: input signal impedance
fuzz: drive saturation
fdbk: feedback gate intensity - switches off at minimum setting
crumple: second stage transistor voltage bias
crinkle: third stage transistor voltage bias
push: post-gain intensity
pull: first stage transistor voltage bias
eq: tone circuit selector switch
tone: treble/bass frequency sweep
mesh: effect textural intensity - activate with on/off toggle
mash: output volume when mash stomp switch is active
mash stomp switch: activates mash lo-fi channel


audio clips coming soon




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